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The valley of the river Lerrone winds for about 25 km inland of the town of Albenga. Its territory, large and spacious, is divided into three municipalities: Villanova d’Albenga, Casanova Lerrone and Garlenda.

Since the Middle Ages up to the nineteenth century, the area experienced a flourishing period of development: after the birth of the fortified town Villanova begins the formation of numerous villages, the workforce is essential for agriculture and commerce .

The natural beauty of the valley of Lerrone fashinates the nobility of the period.

In the ’60s, with the construction of the golf course in Garlenda, new perspectives especially in tourism, have been opened up. Today, at the beginning of the millennium, Lerrone Valley enjoys  considerable high level tourist facilities. surrounded by a building development that has been able to marry rationality and harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings.

The castle of Garlenda, also called the Meridian, was originally a guardhouse later transformed into residential accommodation of the lords of the place. Today conferences, shows and exhibitions are temporary located in it.

The multimedial museum  “Dante Giacosa”  of the Fiat 500 is also the seat of the Fiat 500 Club Italy.

Albenga claims the most important and best preserved historical center of the western Ligurian riviera, the most part of it still surrounded by ancient walls and towers, palaces and other fine medieval architecture.

Archaeological Sites: the Amphitheater of the second – third century on the hill called the Mount, and at short distance from it, the Necropolis with its precious funerary monuments, the amphitheater and the Via Julia Augusta.



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