percorso golf club Garlenda

The Garlenda Golf Club offers an 18-hole par 72 course 6,085 meters long.
The course, immersed in the Val Lerrone in one of the most representative scenarios of western Liguria, perfectly complies with the surrounding natural environment where two distinct landscapes follow one another between the first nine and the second nine holes.
The transition from a rural atmosphere, characterized by centuries-old olive trees and ancient buildings, to a delicate territory dominated by tall trees (oaks, pines) and magnificent views, is as pleasant as it is.
The winding through gentle ups and downs, not without obstacles and wisely exploited by the two English designers John Morrison and John Harris, makes the 18 holes of Garlenda a place capable of making the hearts of all golfers beat faster.
The project and the basic idea of ​​the Garlenda Golf Club reside in guaranteeing the members and the many tourists who participate in the destination for their summer holidays and beyond, the greatest number of services and the highest available today in this sport, that of making Golf an easy, accessible and fun game.

Hole 1

Short par 4 dog-leg on the right that starts on the flat and develops uphill. The out-of-bounds both on the…

PAR: 4HCP: 14


Hole 2

Par 3 slightly downhill. Although it is the easiest hole on the course, missing the green on the left or…

PAR: 3HCP: 18


Hole 3

Straight Par 5 not excessively long but very narrow. The men’s tee shot is particularly complex due to the out…

PAR: 5HCP: 6


Hole 4

Technical and long par 4 with a slight dog leg on the left. It is essential not to make a…

PAR: 4HCP: 2


Hole 5

Par 5 dog leg on the left very easy despite being the longest hole on the course. The landing area…

PAR: 5HCP: 8


Hole 6

Par 4 short but slightly treacherous. From the tee it is advisable to play an iron and keep to the…

PAR: 4HCP: 16


Hole 7

Short par 3 well defended. Depending on the position of the flag it is essential to choose the right iron….

PAR: 3HCP: 12


Hole 8

Short par 4 dog-leg on the right where it is advisable to place the first shot with an iron or…

PAR: 4HCP: 10


Hole 9

Picturesque par 4 mostly straight and not too tight. It does not present particular difficulties on the first shot, however…

PAR: 4HCP: 4


Hole 10

Short par 4 that develops downhill. It is important to place the first shot in front of the fairway bunker…

PAR: 4HCP: 17


Hole 11

With hole 11 you enter the Amen Corner of the course. A straight but rather difficult par 4, the tee…

PAR: 4HCP: 5


Hole 12

Long dog-leg to the right with water to the left of about 382 meters from the yellows, on the map…

PAR: 4HCP: 1


Hole 13

Long par 3 and considered one of the most difficult holes on the course. The wind, always from left to…

PAR: 3HCP: 13


Hole 14

Par 5 of medium length but particularly technical. The tee sho, uphill, must not end on the left due to…

PAR: 5HCP: 7


Hole 15

A short but difficult par 3. The green is presented on two distinct levels and ending up on the wrong…

PAR: 3HCP: 15


Hole 16

Hole that develops downhill with a pronounced dog-leg to the left. Very long, it does not have many pitfalls on…

PAR: 4HCP: 3


Hole 17

Par 5 that starts on the flat and continues uphill with a slight dog-leg to the right. The out on…

PAR: 5HCP: 9


Hole 18

Difficult final hole for the mid-highs of hcp. The wood on the right and a large tree at the edge…

PAR: 4HCP: 11